Local and International Volunteer

Rotarians put Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self into action every day and in every part of the world, generously contributing their time and skills to help others. Rotary clubs carry out service projects that address critical needs locally and often work with distant clubs to cosponsor international efforts.

Rotary Volunteers are vital to the success of this humanitarian work. The Rotary Volunteers program fosters active volunteer participation at home and abroad, drawing upon the spirit of community and global service that lies at the heart of Rotary International’s mission.
If one strong common thread exists among our 1.2 million members, it is our willingness to share. Rotarians share their time, their talents, their expertise to successfully carry out projects that tackle a vast range of humanitarian and social issues. They share their compassion, their enthusiasm, and their commitment to help those in need and make the world better. And they share an unparalleled passion for service.” — Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, 2007-08 RI president
The Rotary Volunteers program aims to:
  • Increase awareness among Rotarians and non-Rotarians of volunteer opportunities in their own and other communities that require special expertise or skill
  • Assist clubs and districts in finding volunteers with skills that are unavailable locally and discovering the benefits of using volunteers in service projects
  • Help Rotarians identify volunteer opportunities available through projects sponsored by Rotary clubs and districts and other worthy organizations
  • Encourage and facilitate Rotarian participation in volunteer activities that foster understanding, fellowship, and goodwill
  • Improve quality of life and reduce economic disparity worldwide through education, health care, agricultural productivity, technology, sanitation, and potable water
Local Volunteering
Rotary is a global network of volunteers. Its work begins in the community, where opportunities for service are ample and accessible. If you’d like to volunteer, an important first step is to consider your availability and interests:
  • How much time can you invest in volunteer service?
  • Do you want to volunteer regularly or just for special events?
  • Are you available during the day, in the evening, or on weekends? w What skills, interests, and experiences do you offer?
  • Are you drawn to a specific issue or cause?
Then locate a volunteer opportunity in your community. Consider using these strategies:
  • Let your club’s Rotary Volunteers, Vocational Service, or Community Service committee chairs know that you are available to volunteer. Get involved in your club’s service projects.
  • Search for volunteer opportunities on the Rotary District Website or www.rotary.org.
  • Inquire with friends, family, and colleagues who have volunteered in your area.
  • Use the Internet and newspapers to find information about other service organizations and their volunteer needs. If you read about a local group that interests you, contact it. There’s a good chance volunteers are needed.
  • Get in touch with your local libraries, bookstores, and educational institutions, which often have directories of nonprofit organizations.
To Volunteer with us, The Rotary Club of Elko, contact us at:
Email: elkorotarypresident@gmail.com
Phone: (775) 235-8264